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Technical Aspects

The first section covers the technical details. It is important to clarify which problem(s) your idea can solve and why it stands out from existing solutions. Explain in detail the benefits (customer, economical, ecological, etc.). Use clear, understandable data and information when describing your specifications and technical development status. Explain the process required to realise your idea.

Which quality is required (e.g. spatial resolution, temporal frequency, radiometric characteristics, availability etc.)? Which other non-space data is required? Please describe their technical specs. Your application requires on-line or off- line data?

(Please take into consideration that the maximum implementation time to meet project goals and timeplan is ΧΧ months)

Commercial Aspects

This section is about the market potential of your idea, i.e. market(s) and target group(s). Please give an overview of the specific industrial sector(s) and describe in detail the most important factors and the sector’s expected development. Please include information on market size, barriers, competition and especially on potential customers.

Please describe your business case (financing, pricing, savings potential, return on investment for potential customers, etc.)

Legal Aspects

This section deals with formal aspects and with trademark and patent rights of your idea. Explain how specific laws, regulations, certifications, etc. can influence development and going to market.

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