Companies willing to participate are requested to submit their proposals electronically at the following link

The submitted proposals will be evaluated in a two-step procedure in order to select the most relevant applications to the aims of the LDA Project. Up to ten proposals deemed to be the best in the initial evaluation phase will advance to the next phase of the competition with a mandate to develop the proposed applications.

In order to assist the implementation and reduce the operational cost, the participants are invited to use the infrastructure and the geo-data (earth observation data and maps) that will be available for this purpose.In fact,

GRNET will provide the network,storage infrastructure and cloud-based services.

Geographic data will become available from the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency while near real time or off-line processing of satellite data will be offered by the National Observatory of Athens.

Depending on the application needs, the technical facilities and data will be offered to the participants free of charge. HAMAC in cooperation with the other project organizations will be providing coaching and technical support (the “incubation package”) to ensure successful and timely implementation of the competing projects.

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