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Large-scale Demonstrators of COPERNICUS (former GMES) and GNSS based services in Athens (LDA)


The LDA Competition is organized by the Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies (HAMAC), a Greek industry association (registered no. 18404) whose address is Kifissias Ave & 2, Kapodistriou Str, located in Maroussi, Greece (“the Organizer”). 


The Initiators of the LDA are the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), the Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies (HAMAC), National Cadastre and Mapping Agency(former OKXE & Ktimatologio S.A) and the Atlantis Consulting S.A. (“the Initiators”) in the framework of the Large-scale Demonstrators of COPERNICUS (former GMES) and GNSS based services in Athens (LDA)” project.

The project is supported (or co-funded) by European Commission in the framework of  the European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance for the development of large-scale demonstrators in support of COPERNICUS (former GMES) and GNSS based services in Europe.


The LDA is designed to encourage the development of innovative mobile services based on Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and Global Navigation Satellite System – Galileo (GNSS) that will address specific societal challenges and facilitate the emergence of new industries in the Region of Attica, Greece. The Organizer will call for ideas for expression of interest between 17/10/2013 and 15/11/2013. After a preliminary evaluation, selected ideas will be implemented and finally evaluated for the designation of the winners.

The areas of interest include location based services responding to societal challenges such as  smart transport, resource efficiency and inclusive, innovative and secure societies, health, maritime and marine environment, etc (for the potential thematic fields see below). The participants will have the opportunity to build up new market perspectives for the mobile industry based on COPERNICUS and GNSS technologies through the use and transformation of generic Core COPERNICUS  Services coupled with detailed cadastral and location based data. 


Participation in the LDAthens competition is open to Greek companies operating in the mobile applications market. All participants must be members of HAMAC. Registration to become a HAMAC member is required for non HAMAC members in order to participate.

Each participant may submit more than one idea for expression of interest, but only one idea per participant will be finally accepted after the preliminary evaluation. 


The main objective of the LDA project is to demonstrate the huge potential of mobile services based on GMES and GNSS for innovation and for addressing societal challenges. The participants to the LDA Competition should offer innovative mobile applications/services that will address specific societal challenges and facilitate the emergence of new industries in the Region of Attica, Greece. The submitted proposals will be evaluated in a two step procedure in order to select the most relevant services, in the areas of:

     Location based services used in a variety of contexts, such as health, smart transport, emergency response, rescue and  safety, indoor object search, sport/entertainment, work, personal life, etc.

        Health related services based on UV index and specific aerosol properties.

      Continuous society awareness for natural environmental/weather phenomena and their societal impacts resulted from volcanic emissions, earthquakes, high ozone and UV radiation levels, etc.

     Services to identify the location of a person or object, such as discovering points of interest or the whereabouts of a friend or employee

        Parcel tracking and vehicle rerouting services according to environmental and extreme weather conditions

        Mobile commerce when taking the form of coupons or advertising directed at customers based on their current location.

        Personalized weather services

        Location-based games

Approximately up to ten best proposals will be short-listed as a result of an initial evaluation procedure in order to be advanced to the next stage of the competition that will be the implementation of real-world applications.  In order to assist the implementation and reduce the operational cost, the participants are invited to use the infrastructure and the geo-data (earth observation data and maps) that will be put in place by the project organisations.

GRNET will provide the network, storage infrastructure and cloud-based services to all short-listed participants. For this purpose a platform has been developed, in order to host in an integrated environment the innovative mobile services to be developed.  

Geographic data will become available by the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency  while near real time or off-line processing of satellite data will be offered by the National Observatory of Athens.

The platform is resident on “Okeanos” cloud which is an IaaS offering virtualized computing resources, developed by GRNET. The software powering ~okeanos is available via opensource licenses. ~okeanos offers access to Virtual Machines, Virtual Ethernets, Virtual Disks, and Virtual Firewalls, over a simple web-based UI. ~okeanos was conceived to offer easy and secure access to GRNET's datacenters, focusing on user friendliness and simplicity, while being able to scale up to the thousands (of Virtual Machines, users, terabytes of storage). The provided services include:

                Compute/Network Service 

                File Storage Service 

                Identity Management 

                Image Registry 

                Billing Service 

                Volume Storage Service 

Geographic data available from Hellenic Cadastre will be offered via Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS) services. The provided datasets include:

                Administrative units (“KALLIKRATIS”)

                Main road network at scale 1:50.000

                City names

                Points of interest

                Land use (CORINE Land Cover Greece 2000)

                NTURA 2000


                Metro lines and stations

                Orthophotos at pixel size 0.25m (2010)

The data description and data set can be accessed at the following links
Data Description   -  Data Set 

Additional datasets

Additional datasets available from www.geodata.gov.gr can be also integrated to the provided WMS, WFS services depending on the applications needs.

NOA has real time capabilities to access Earth Observation images as it owns and operates satellite receiving stations (e.g. MSG SEVIRI, NOAA/AVHRR, SeaWiffs), and is authorized to directly access archives of EO data from various space missions including, ERS1&2/ESA, ENVISAT/ESA, LANDSAT/USGS. Processed products based on these sensors will be made available for exploitation, but not the raw satellite data themselves. Specifically, NOA will make available a) archived fire hotspots in Greece since 2007 and real-time updates for the current fire maps (based on MSG/SEVIRI), b) burnt area polygons and assessment of the land cover types that have been burnt in Greece, from 1984 until today (based on Landsat 4, 5, 7 and 8), and c) ground displacement rates in the wider Attica area, from 1992 until 2010 (based on ERS-1,2 and Envisat). Additionally, selected simple higher level products (e.g. Lansat mosaics and diachronic vegetation indexes) generated from the raw satellite data can become available upon request.

NOA data can be accessed to the following links

Data Description - Data Set

HAMAC in cooperation with the other project organizations will be providing coaching and technical support (the “incubation package”) to ensure successful and timely implementation of the competing projects.

The submitted proposals will be evaluated in a two-step procedure in order to select the most relevant applications to the aims of the LDA Project. Up to ten proposals deemed to be the best in the initial evaluation phase, will advance to the next phase of the competition with a mandate to develop the proposed applications.

From the ideas (10 at maximum) that will be short-listed for implementing commercially viable innovative services, up to five (5) will be finally awarded a cash prize of EUR 15,000 each. The total incubation package is valued at over EUR 75,000.


Interested companies willing to participate are requested to submit their ideas electronically from October 17, 2013 to November 15, 2013 until 12:00 p.m. to the following link:

 (please refer to the procedure described below).


The competition will be organized and carried out exclusively in English. During the competition, the Organizer may contact the participants to inform them about competition-related issues, e.g. upcoming deadlines.

Following ideas submission end-date, the evaluation Committee will undertake a preselection of ideas  (beauty contest) leading to a short list of approximately 10 ideas/proposals. The preselection phase (beauty contest) will take place within November 18, 2013 -  November 22, 2013.   The selected  ideas/proposals will be announced on the of  November 25, 2013.

The completion date of the selected projects   is   February 28, 2014 by 18:00 pm.

Only those ideas that contain all the mandatory information will be considered for evaluation. Once the submission status is complete, an idea will automatically enter the evaluation phase.

The selected proposals that will be advanced to the next stage of the competition (10 at maximum), that is to say the implementation phase of the selected ideas into real-world applications, as said above should be completed by February 28, 2014.

 During the implementation phase, HAMAC in cooperation with the other project organizations will be providing coaching and technical support (the “incubation package”) to ensure successful and timely implementation of the competing projects.

After collecting all the entries the Evaluation Committee will be assembled, in order to review and score the completed projects  according to the criteria described in the section below.  

The results of the Committee's evaluation will be forwarded for approval by the Board of HAMAC.


The Evaluation Committee will consist of three members: one from HAMAC one from the other project organizations and one external  associate from the academia/private sector. The following judging criteria will be adopted resulting to a total score of 100:

·       Benefit and Innovativeness (customer benefit, other advantages, innovation level) (20)

·       LDA relevance (significance of the use of GMES and GNSS data for realization, added value through LDA) (15)

·       Technological feasibility (technological feasibility, availability of prototype) (15)

·       Market potential (chance of commercial success, such as expected demand, investment potential and short time to market) (20)

·       Completeness of the proposal, implementation plan (15)

·       Legal aspects and risks (legal risks, ability to patent, regulations/laws to be considered) (15)

Among the ten competing projects, five (5) winners will be selected between March 3-21,2014 and will be announced and rewarded on  March 26, 2014 in a suitable awareness raising public event.


Measures have been taken to ensure the confidentiality of the proposals submitted in the LDA Competition. The submitted proposals and/or implemented projects will be protected against any access by unauthorized third parties. Personnel and experts assigned to organize the competition and to evaluate the proposals are committed to treating all matters as confidential.

The awarded proposals will be made public along with the names and contact details of the prize winners. By participating in this competition and accepting any of the prizes awarded, all participants acknowledge that the Organizer and the Initiators may use their names, addresses, comments, likenesses, photos and descriptions of their idea in publicity or advertising concerning the competition or otherwise in any medium now known or hereafter devised (including the Internet or other interactive networks) at any place and time without further compensation or right of review and agree to waive their rights with respect to any such publicity and advertising.


The submitting participant shall retain the rights to his proposed idea. Participating in the LDA Competition 2013 will not entitle the participant to any additional rights for his proposal and/or implemented project.

Despite all efforts to keep the participants’ idea/information confidential prior to their publication, the participant hereby understands and acknowledges that neither the Organizer nor the Initiators shall assume any liability for any damages resulting from your idea/information becoming public.

By participating, the participant affirms that he is the sole owner of all rights pertaining to the proposal and/or implemented project submitted and that his participation will not violate the rights of any third party. Should any third-party rights nonetheless come to light, the participant further affirms that the Organizer and the Initiators shall not be held liable for any amount of resulting damages/claims. The Organizer and the Initiators shall thus be exempt from any third-party claims.


All decisions regarding the implementation of the project, such as the adoption of equity, choice of mode of execution mode, the approval of this Regulation, the proclamation of winners, the approval of contracts, etc. are taken by the Board of the Employer after the opinion of the Conduct and Evaluation Committee.

All participants with their participation fully accept and comply to the obligation to attend all events organized by HAMAC concerning the Competition and the LDA program and to make a brief presentation of their participation (idea and implemented project) in any case they will be called to do so by HAMAC . Refusal to participate or to proceed with the presentation will result in disqualification from the Competition and the prize.    

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the present terms, including any of the deadlines set forth herein, at any time.


For more information on the competition, please visit:  www.ldathens.eu

If you have any further questions, please send them to lda.competition@hamac.gr

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